Google Ads

Google Ads

How does Google Ads Work?

Information Gathering Phase

The first step toward a successful PPC campagin is to develop a goal, whether that goal is to increase reviews, sell more furnaces, or even break into a market that you don't have a foot-hold in yet.

The PPC specialists at MPN Media & Marketing will meet with you and help develop that goal and stratigise how it can be achieved.

Keyword Research & Ad Creation

With special industry tools we can find the most widely used search terms and patterns in your region and use them to create ads that will drive traffic to your site and guide you to your goal.

Our PPC specialists work with our designers to create eye-catching ads that will bring your content to the attention of potential customers.

Result Analysis & Course Correction

As your ads display to potential customers and aggregate traffic to your website our PPC specialists will analyze the information gathered by the ad campaign.

This will give us a sense of whether we should continue on course with the ad content, audiences they are shown too, geographic locations in your region, and ad display times. All of these variables go into a successful ad campaign allowing you to reach your goal.

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