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What is Google Guarantee and How do I get one?

Google Guarantee is a newer ad channel developed by Google, specifically for the home service professional and contractor. It is available to any business that is a current Adwords customer and can pass a screening process. Becoming a “Google Guaranteed” provider is no easy task though. In order to become certified, Businesses must be a current Google Ads user and pass a thorough screening process. Once your business earns their “Google Guarantee Check Mark”, customers who are unsatisfied with your service are reimbursed up to $2000 by Google, thus giving customers peace of mind and reassurance in selecting you.

Why is Google Guarantee important to Contractors?

Getting the elusive “Google Check Mark” and qualifying as a Google Guaranteed service provider can have tremendous impact for your business, but can take weeks to process. In addition to the reimbursement Google offers unsatisfied customers, Google Guarantee Ads show up first for searches, above pay per click ads and maps. The best part of Google Guarantee though, is that Google charges you per lead, not per click. Businesses are only charged when there is confirmation that a customer not only clicked on your profile, but got in touch with your business after the fact.

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