Waze Advertising

How does Waze Advertising Work?

Waze (owned by Google) is a GPS navigation app used by more than 30 million users per month in the US. Those 30 million users spend over an average of 10 hours a month in the app. Given how much...traffic there is, Waze is an interesting tool that can be used for brand awareness at a low cost with extremely low competition. Like any advertising channel, there are pros and cons, and not every strategy is appropriate for every business.

Businesses looking to reach new customers on Waze have three options for advertising, but only one or two are relevant to the Home Service Professional. If you’re interested in hearing how Waze could help drive traffic (pun intended) to your business, let’s talk.

Why is Waze Advertising important to Contractors?

Given the usage statistics and relatively large audience available on Waze, it can be an effective part of a larger marketing strategy, especially when used as a tool to drive awareness to your service. For Home Service Professionals and contractors, there’s really only one ad placements with waze that makes sense, zero speed takeovers. Zero Speed Takeovers occur when you’ve come to a complete stop. As the user gets to a stop light or stop sign waze allows advertisers to show prominent ads that take up a portion of the screen. They can highlight deals and offer users directions, should they be looking to change their route. For example, let’s say you’re on your way to the nearest home improvement or hardware store to fix that busted HVAC unit or leaky pipe when all of a sudden an ad is served with a coupon or discounted service call.

Do we think drivers will end up stopping the car and giving you a call? Maybe! It serves the same purpose as a billboard on the highway, awareness and being at the right place at the right time.

Waze should be looked at as a supplementary & auxiliary channel to a more traditional paid search strategy for Home Service Professionals.

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